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Third Year of Medical School, First Impression.

Third Year of Medical School, First Impression.

October, 8th, 2018:

Back at it again. It’s been a week since I went back to university, and I’m already excited for all the upcoming classes that we are about to dig in. Indeed, the 3rd year of General Medicine is seen as one of the hardest, but also as one of the most interesting year.

Why? Well, after 2 years of theoretical courses, this year is finally the one where we get to go in the hospital and discuss about Pathology (this is a very exciting word for med students). So, obviously, this is to say that I really can’t wait to start seeing patients and discussing with them!

Proceeding to the interview and learning how to communicate with patients was one of the things I was really waiting for.

Although most of them are going through a hard time with their health, I was pleasantly surprised to see that they were welcoming us nicely.

Also, it was moving to do my first interview this past week, It’s such a great feeling when you succeed in forming bonds with the patient, and you create a trustful atmosphere (emotions, emotions).

Since we’ve started, I am very happy to apply all the theory we were taught until now, and getting to know more about this future job.

I believe that this year is really a critical one (in a positive way) as you will be able to find out what are you interested in, what kind of specialty you may want to go for, or simply because you can finally see how things are working in a hospital, leaving far behind you all these long and (sometimes) boring lectures!

Oh, and I forgot! The other thing that makes me really excited about this year, and which is related to fashion is…….HOSPITAL UNIFORMS! Well, yes, I admit, I can already picture myself choosing between endless colors of Scrubs as I get ready for the day! ;) Do you think I should go for Pink or Burgundy scrubs?

I hope this little diary insight into my first week of med school was pleasing to read, stay tuned for upcoming hospital diaries!

What about you? Are you students or already working?

Let me know in the comments!

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