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The Ultimate Recipe to Longer, Stronger & Fuller Hair!

The Ultimate Recipe to Longer, Stronger & Fuller Hair!

Hello dear readers! Today The Brunette Doc. is back in the lab with a new potion that hopefully, will seduce you as much as it did for me since I’ve discovered it!

One month ago, I’ve indulged myself a little goodie from Cult Beauty, as I heard many positive things about this website. Indeed, if you are a skincare and makeup addict, this is a great online shopping company. In fact, if you are a skincare and makeup addict, who’s always seeking for new brands and products, Cult Beauty will quickly become your online paradise!

SO, back to the story; at that time, I was searching for some hair care products, being concerned about their lack of vitality, and especially, I wanted to give them a little treatment, so they could appear fuller and denser. Obviously, I did not want to fake it with some kind of volume hairspray or foams….NO. The little scientist that I am, wanted to treat the problem at its root (no pun intended 🙃).

As I was scrolling in the hair products section, my attention got caught on this little dark brown bottle, characteristic of the famous brand, The Ordinary. I was surprised to learn that they just had released their first Hair care Serum a few months ago, and being a huge fan of the line, I thought I would give it a try. BEST DECISION OF MY LIFE, EVER. (or maybe the second one…? the first one was to apply to med school 😌).

Now I’m sure you’re dying to know which wonders did this product do to my hair, well, before we jump into the review, let me tell you a bit more about the composition of this goodie.

The promise of the product ensures “ to support hair health so that it looks thicker, denser, fuller and healthier.” (1). And now you’re wondering….HOW DOES IT DO THAT? Well The Ordinary, also known as The Abnormal Beauty Company, came up with the outstanding idea of combining several of the following complexes, resulting into an antidote to the timeless issue of obtaining healthier and beautiful hair:

  1. REDENSYL™ complex

  2. Procapil™ peptide complex

  3. CAPIXYL™ peptide complex

  4. BAICAPIL™ complex

  5. AnaGain™

  6. High-Solubility Caffeine (1% net Caffeine by weight)

Each of the complexes mentioned above, are hair loss treatments that could be used on their own, as they all aim to reduce hair loss and enhance hair vitality. These complexes act at different levels of the hair, from balancing out the hormones regulating the hair cycle, to fixing the functional disturbances that occur when the hair growth cycle is altered. I could go into details and tell you what exactly does each substance do, but I want this review to remain as concise as possible, so you can sort out the information which you came for!

The following criteria are the ones which ended up being the most important to me when I tested the product, and that’s why I’d proceed to the review in this order. Let’s start!

#1 Formula:

First of all, this product is a hair SERUM, that should be applied at night time by gently massaging it into your scalp. Also, it is a leave on/in treatment, meaning that you should not wash your hair after application. And I know what you’re thinking, “ if it’s a serum, it will be difficult to apply evenly, and on top of this, it will grease my hair”. Let me reassure you on this point; the formula of this product is highly absorbing and does not let any residues. Indeed, after 3 days of consecutive application at night time, the roots of my hair were neither greasy nor bearing any dandruffs. In fact, the consistency of the product is so lightweight and dries instantly on the scalp, after applying a few circular motions.

Obviously, this kind of treatment is a long-term one, and if the application is fastidious, there is a high chance that you won’t be applying the product religiously, thus minimizing the appearance of results. I can tell you from my experience, that most hair care treatments (especially the ones for hair loss), are never the best to apply. Indeed, the formula can be very heavy and greasy, making it difficult to penetrate into the scalp, without saying that you need to wash your hair more frequently.

So far, I have been very satisfied with the way this product leaves my hair, and how easy it is to apply (only 3 minutes). Moreover, the application is made easier thanks to the pipette with which the serum is provided. You can easily measure the amount of drops you want to apply, and personally, I love feeling like a little scientist as carefully leave 3 drops of the product in the palm of my hand!

#2 Smell:

I know everybody has different views when it comes to the smell of cosmetics, but I’m not very picky with this, and it does not alter my compliance while using the product. That’s why I prefer to warn you if you are quite cautious with this criteria. In fact, this hair serum does not really have a specific smell, it smells a little bit fruity and there is a subtle smell of “brewer’s yeast”. It is not unbearable to the point where you would not be able to apply it, and I found that it does not stay long on your hair.

Personally, I believe it’s a good indication of the quality of this product; the simpler the formula, the better it is. I don’t believe that this is the kind of product that requires a fragrance to its composition, since you will be using it a night. But don’t freak out! If you are already using certain skincare products from french pharmacy brands such as La Roche-Posay, Avène and Vichy…you should already be acquainted with the smell of this product. Since most of them are targeting sensitive skin types, their fragrance-free formula can surprise you at first, but you quickly get used to it! Just keep in mind that it won’t have that vanilla or coconut hint that can often be found in most haircare products!

#3 Results:

Does it work or not? Well, I would like to stress that I did not have a huge hair loss issue at the beginning of the treatment, meaning that I certainly did see a difference in the aspect, density and strength of my hair, but it is probably not as obvious as in somebody with nascent baldness, or post-partum hair loss. I have been using the product consistently for 1 month and half, and have seen results from the first 10 days after starting using it! When running your hand through your hair, a difference in the mass, volume and density of the hair can be felt. Also, I felt that less hair was falling in the shower after 1 month of treatment. I have to admit that I did not expect so much from this product in the beginning, thinking that results would require over 6 months of trial before seeing the first results. I believe that the condensed composition of this product allows quick results since each complex seems to boost each other in their actions.

#4 Price-Quality Ratio:

I believe with all the assets that were previously described, you must be wondering how much such a product cost. Well yes, you can get the best of both worlds with this product since it provides you with all the benefits of the most performant hair treatments released until now, and all of this at a price that can’t be beaten! (15.80£ on Cult Beauty.com). If you’ve been struggling with hair loss issues, either for a long time or simply due to seasonal changes, this product is very affordable, with a quality that is more than excellent. Many other treatments are available on the market, such as the ones which compose this hair serum (they can be used separately), or other types of formula such as food supplements for example. However, this kind of treatments are usually very expensive (count 50€ for 3 months cure, e.g: anacaps, DUCRAY), acknowledging the fact that hair loss treatments require a long time of action before appearance of the first results. Here, for less than 20€, you get to maximize your chance of hair renewal in a short amount of time. Moreover, the quantity of the product is decent (60mL), meaning that after a full month and a half of using it, there is still half of the bottle left.

I would highly suggest you try out this product, especially if you know that you are not always compliant with such treatments, either by lack of patience, or because of fastidious application. This is the first product from the Hair Care line of The Ordinary, and I got totally seduced by the efficacy of this hair serum. Hopefully you will be too!

I hope this review on this product was useful, and this it helped you to clarify your thoughts on it if you are thinking to buy it! Here is the link to purchase the product from Cult Beauty.com, click here!

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