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Tanning Routine: my GO-TO products for a sun kissed skin...all year round!

Tanning Routine: my GO-TO products for a sun kissed skin...all year round!

Summer is coming to an end and so is your tan. I know what you’re thinking; you’ve put so much hard work into building this golden bronzed skin, and now it’s already fading away. You can’t help thinking how pale your skin will be (again). Who didn’t already secretly wish to wake up with the tan of a brazilian bombshell, and this, even in the middle of winter? Well, maybe you didn’t….but I did.

Today, I finally found the perfect tanning routine which ensures me a glowy sun kissed complexion, at any time of the year! Don’t worry, it is not one of these fastidious and unpleasing product to apply, that one which makes you wait 3 hours naked, so you don’t stain your clothes and bed sheets afterwards, or makes your regret your wish to bear J.Lo’s glow with its awful smell….(who never struggled with the smell of self-tanning lotions?!).

Just before leaving for Croatia, I was desperately searching for a tanning lotion….secretly wishing to shift my skin color from Snow White’s to Jasmine’s (yes, I know, I secretly wish lots of things…). As I was scrolling through the beauty section on Asos, I came across this incredibly promising bright blue bottle. Indeed, the name itself was quite audacious : “ St. Tropez In Shower Gradual Tan Lotion “. I was curious to see if the promised miracle wouldn’t be lacking and decided to buy it. After a week of impatience, I finally receive the holy package and cannot wait to jump in the shower to try it out!

To my great surprise, this has to be the easiest tanning lotion of all times, it’s actually so easy to use, that it sounds too good to be true. Only 3 simple steps are required to apply it. Now, before you hurry to decipher the next few lines, let me warn you: GO AHEAD!

#Step n°1: Shower with your usual shower gel (avoid overly moisturizing and oily shower gels, which could affect the adhesion of the product)

#Step n°2: Apply products evenly on the skin in circular motions and leave it on for 3 minutes.

#Step n°3: Rinse thoroughly and pat dry as you get out of the shower.

And….Voilà! You are done! You can simply get dressed and wear proudly this new tanned skin!

Regarding the color, I purchased the shade Medium and it gives me a subtle tan, which doesn’t contrast with the lighter shade of my face complexion. That is just my preference as I don’t use any tanning products on my face (I just cheat with makeup). However, if you’d like to get a more intense result, you can go for the shade Dark, although the intensity of the color builds up as you apply the product again and again. Moreover, I would highly suggest this product since it does not leave a patchy appearance as the tan starts fading. In terms of quantity, there’s no need to apply a lot of product to cover your entire body, a pat of it is enough. The smell is enjoyable, and fresh, leaving your skin moisturized thanks to the Almond Oil extract.

Whenever I want to get a more bronzy look, I use this product as well : St. Tropez Instant Tan Lotion, which is a skin perfector, lasting up to 24 hours and goes away in the shower. It is made with tiny reflective light pigments and an intense color, which easily blends into the skin. It’s perfect if you want to accentuate the color of your legs, collar bone, shoulders, etc… You can also wear it as a face tinted moisturizer, mixed with your usual face cream. I would highly recommend both products if you are not the kind of person which does not have a lot of free time, and a bad experience with traditional self-tanning lotions.

Another benefit of these products are their price. They might not be the cheapest compared to their fellows, but I believe it’s a reasonable price for a product that fills in the contract, providing you with amazing results from the first use. I’ve used other brands in the past, both cheap and more expensive ones (Garnier, Vita Liberata…) and I can truly say that St.Tropez is my absolute favorite since I’ve discovered the brand. I don’t use this product on a regular basis, maybe twice a month, as the results are long lasting. This is another great advantage if you don’t want to splurge a ton of money on a self tanning lotion! Finally, it has really seduced me with this easy and quick shower gel formula, and brought me back together with unpleasant self-tanning lotions.

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