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Review: At-home Spa experience with Origins Skincare Products

Review: At-home Spa experience with Origins Skincare Products

Pampering my skin and trying out new skin, body & hair care is one of my favorite hobbies. As Summer comes to and end, I feel the need to spoil my skin even more, especially after being exposed in the sun for a long time. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good tan and a sunkissed face, but not to the detriment of my skin.

Although sunlight is necessary in order to supplement your Vitamin D ressources, overexposing it to the sun will just cause it to damage, without mentioning the terrible breakouts popping out as your tan will start fading. Not so tempting, right? As I grew up, I understood the importance to avoid excessive tanning to preserve the youth of my complexion, as long as possible. Indeed, I always go for quality products to nourish and treat my skin. I’m convinced that a consistent and quality skincare routine can make your skin glow and reach its full potential, when paired with a balanced diet and healthy life hygiene. I don’t wear a lot of makeup in general, and I love to favor skincare products instead of accumulating makeup products, that eventually, damage my skin. I don’t mind going out without makeup, I feel good in my skin and I love to treat it good!

Ok, enough blabla. Why do I want to tell you about this discovery set today?

Well, first of all, I was really pleased to see that it included most of the leading products of the brand at a highly-competitive price (23€ at Sephora). When purchasing a discovery set, you want to see if the brand’s values will suit you, by trying out different textures, scents, consistencies and active principles. Indeed, in this discovery set, you will be able to try out the following products:

  • Ginzing Energy-Boosting Gel Moisturizer 50mL

    • perfect for daily routine

    • suitable for combination, oily, dry & normal skin types.

    • main active ingredient: coffee seed

    This face moisturizer has become my new favorite moisturizer. I use it every morning after my serum. It is very lightweight and fresh, which is perfect to wake up your skin in the morning.

    The scent of this product is spellbinding and turns your morning routine into a delicate spa session, perfect to give yourself a small treat before getting into the chaos of your daily routine. I’m quite happy with how it brightens my skin, I would recommend it if you’re searching for a light moisturizer, that doesn’t leave a greasy finish on your skin.

The main product which convinced me to purchase this set was the eye cream. I had no eye treatment at that time and I was willing to try something to correct my dark circles. Indeed, I could not have expected more from this product. It does the job; it brightens and depuff my under eye area, as it contains microscopic illuminating pigments in it.

The finish is dewy and natural, which is perfect for applying concealer afterwards. I do appreciate that it comes into a small pot, but I would have preferred another type of packaging, as a tube or a pump applicator, to avoid unhygienic contact under your eyes. Apart from this, it is a pretty good product, which fills in the promise.

  • Ideal to cleanse sebum excess and acne

  • suitable for combination, oily, dry & normal skin types.

  • main active ingredient: active charcoal

This mask is definitely one of the best I’ve encountered in my “active charcoal mask” experiences! Indeed, I’ve tried other products which left my skin dry and uncomfortable. However, the texture of this mask is very soft, and almost feels like a heavy whipped cream, but it doesn’t affect it’s efficiency, as it removes sebum excess from the pores, without irritating it.

I don’t tend to breakout a lot, but I sometimes have oily skin (especially on my T-zone) while the remaining of my skin is normal/dry. It’s sometimes hard to find a product that isn’t too harsh and that still cleanse your pores. I recommend using it a night though, and not more than 1 week if you have a combination skin type.

Also, try to dilate the pores first, with a warm cloth, and then apply the mask, so you can really get the full benefits of the product. It has been one of my favorite products this summer, especially with all the sunscreen I had to use, it made my skin much lighter and fresher! Give it a try!

This product is a concentrate of minerals for your skin, and I’ve seen the benefits of it from 1 week after using it. Indeed, as you apply it to your face, you can feel the dense and rich creamy consistency. And to all my oily/combination readers out there…don’t worry…it has a matte finish to it !

It’s very pleasing to apply it, as it melts like a butter in your hands, but your face looks plumped and dewy once you’re done. The scent is also very rich and pleasant…I’m always looking forward to apply it at night, as it’s very relaxing to massage your face with it!

Again, I do like to apply my serum first, then I will use it on my skin and neck. If you’re searching for a night time moisturizer/enriched skincare product, this one is for you. It gives really good result on dull complexions. I’ve started using it during my summer practice, and even after a short night of sleep, or an early shift, my skin was looking good! `

  • Neroli Lemongrass Feel Good Candle

    • Do I really need to list the good part of getting a free candle? ;)

Overall, it adds a nice touch and ambiance to a boring skincare routine. I love that you get to try out so many quality products, and they involve all of your senses into this at-home spa experience. The scents are bewitching, the packaging is pleasant, and the deal is here : a beautiful skin in 4 major steps!

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