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Beauty Review: Dior Backstage Foundation

Beauty Review: Dior Backstage Foundation

Hello there! How are you doing since my last article? I hope you’re doing good, because today I have a special article for you! I’m back with a new product review, a makeup review!!

As you probably know from my 1st medical diary, I’ve just started my 3rd year of Med School, and let me tell you something….It’s only been a month and the RYTHM is INSANE! But we won’t go into details right now, I just wanted to let you know that having a busy schedule, keeping a fresh and glowy skin almost sounds impossible! BUT!…I managed to find something that helps me to bear a normal face when heading to the hospital, and spare the patients my zombie face!

Today’s product I want to review is the Dior Backstage Face & Body Foundation. I have this product for a month now, and I can give you an honest review about it, after trying it out consistently!

You probably heard about this range from the famous luxury brand, Dior. But what’s the whole hype behind it? Why everybody got so obseessed with it? Dior Backstage line clearly made the buzz when it was released in June 2018, and that’s because it is the first make-up line that was designed by makeup artist and creative director for makeup at Dior, Peter Philips. Indeed, the promise is the following : “for all women seeking a professional result” (1)

So, let’s me tell you how I came across this little gem…

Lately, I was really concerned about wearing less makeup and this, for two reasons: 1) Ain’t got time to apply thousands of products in the morning when I’m getting ready, and 2) Quality over Quantity, I wanted to invest in higher quality products so I can finally be happy with the end result after a 10 minutes-in-the-rush makeup session. Because, there is nothing worse than spotting your face in the mirror during the day, and see that your complexion is looking cakey, with a similar color to a Turmeric Latte…

Moreover, my views on makeup have changed, and I came to a conclusion that, I’d rather use it as a tool to enhance the pretty naked skin that you already have, rather than covering an unhealthy and dull complexion with products, that cannot even exacerbate their full potential, due to a “low-quality” canvas (aka a bad skin). Hence, I started looking for higher brands to find my dream foundation, and let me tell you that I had to hurry, since I was using the Chanel Les Beiges foundation from my mom…🙄.

So, Inès, stop talking, let’s start with the review.

#1: The Color:

One of the most important criteria for me when I decided to invest in a higher quality foundation, was the exactness in the shade of the product. Knowing that I would have to invest an extra amount of money, a matching tone was a must in order to enjoy the product to its fullest. And that’s when I discovered the Dior Backstage line. Indeed, the range counts 40 different shades of skin tones, taking into consideration the yellow, pink& olive undertones of each complexion. Personally, I highly recommend you take time to try out the different colors while shopping, and for this, avoid wearing any makeup at that particular moment. Also, remember when choosing the right color for you skin tone, that you won’t use this product on its own. Although the shade is stable and does not turn after application, most products applied on top of the foundation, such as powders, concealers… may have an effect on the overall color of your complexion.

I did hesitate between two shades (1,5N and 2N) while I was choosing the product, but ended up going for the lighter one. Why? because remember, the role of the foundation is to even out the skin tone, not to bronze it! Moreover, you might want to build it up on somedays by using a stippling brush, so avoid getting a color that does not match your complexion if you don’t want to end up with a cakey makeup.

#2: The Texture:

What I have to admit, it that Higher brands such as Dior, Chanel & Lancome, are worth the investment when it comes to the application and the consistency of the product. Indeed, once you’ve tried such a velvety and silky foundation, it’s hard to go back to cheaper brands, which often fail to convey this baby skin feeling.

In fact, another thing that was on my criteria list, was the facility to play with the finish. I did not want anything that would look too artificial, with a very intense coverage, but neither did I want a finish that would assimilate to a BB cream. And that’s when I fell in love with the Dior Backstage Foundation! Let me explain myself: the great thing with this product is that you can never apply too much and be left with a huge amount of product on the back of your hand that you don’t want to waste, so you try to apply it here and there, but the end result is a complete mess!

No! This does NOT happen with this foundation! I loved the fact that with this foundation, I am able to build it up if I want extra coverage for a more dramatic look, or only use a few drops to bear this kind of “no makeup” look. It is very lightweight and blends easily in the skin, and does not leave any residues as you apply it with a stippling brush. It literally melts in the skin, leaving you with a soft and powdered-like complexion.

Sometimes, when I get ready in the morning, I have to say that the finish of the foundation itself is so good, that I don’t feel like adding any concealer on top. Just a little bit of powder on my T-zone and a little bit of blush, and that’s it!

I haven’t tried using my fingers to apply it, but I did see a lot of reviews in which people said that it is very easy to apply without any makeup brushes. Overall, the texture in this foundation is definitely a win-win!

#3: Durability:

Ok, it’s good to know that the product has an amazing finish after applying it, but it’s better if that finish holds for the next 8 hours, following you in your daily routine. In term of comfort, this foundation feels like a second skin, and at any time it feels like you have something on your face. On the other hand, the pigments are very accurate and the color does not fade away, or turn during the whole time I was wearing it. I apply my makeup in the morning around 7:30 am, and at 6pm, when I usually go home, it still looks perfect. And the good thing about it, it’s that I didn’t have to apply much of the product to achieve this result. Indeed, you may be concerned about how long does it last in a day, but also How long does this bottle will last you! After a month of wearing it religiously every day, I can tell you that It is not empty yet and that It will probably last me for a few months!

#4: The Price:

Obviously, after telling you about all the feats of this product, you may be wondering how much does a foundation like this cost? Well, it is not on of the cheapest products out there, but for the quality of the brand and the job that it does, I believe that 39,90€ (Sephora.fr) is not indecent.

Actually, most foundations from brands like Dior, as usually around 50€ and sometimes more, but the only reason why this one is cheaper is the following: the packaging isn’t made of a glass bottle like they usually do for their other products, but is in plastic. Still, It’s worth checking it out, since it gives you the opportunity to get an excellent product with the assurance that it will fit you, but without splurging an excessive amount of money. Moreover, acknowledging the fact that only a small amount of product is necessary to complete the task, the bottle should not empty right away! 😉

Alright guys! I hope you enjoyed this beauty review, let me know in the comments what is your favorite foundation! 😇

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