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My name is Inès and I'm a medical student. I take this experience as a lifetime opportunity to create the future I aspire to. Join me on this journey!

I share plenty of tips to succeed in Med School, from studying to lifestyle, and hope to help others make this experience as exciting and rewarding as possible!

Genuinely passionate about cosmetics, skin & hair health, I have pleasure to write out reviews on my latest favorites in this field, and give you advices on how to get your skin glowing!

Moreover, seeking positivity everywhere you can, at any time in your life, so you can blossom your best inner-self, is the mantra I live by. I will take you along this journey in my blog “diaries”!

I hope this blog inspires you to discover a new lifestyle. Feel free to leave a comment or follow me on social media.

Welcome to The Brunette Doc.

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